23 April 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:48 5th

Rain greeted us for the start of this one but it was a bit cooler and the wind wasn't too bad. Hoped to run around 16:30 but was unsure how 105km in the 5 days prior might impact. Went off easy enough, initially in 3rd behind young Peter Bracken and even younger Adam Foggy.
Bracko had invited his BERTY Squad along to pace him to a sub 15:40.
Those two swiftly gapped us and I was briefly joined then gapped in quick succession by Elliot Carr, Jee Ming Leung and Craig Macklin who is in the M45-49 age Cat.
I was uncomfortable with what should have been easy enough pace. The rain didn't help specially on the turn onto the pier, at the head of the pier and off the pier.
Huge numbers of runners were straying into our path as we head back to the start. A record 456 took part! 456!!
We also had to look out for your everyday dog walker, walker and jogger just enjoying the public footpath as is there right.
Coming back along the pier I managed to catch Craig and we ran together back to the finish. I was listening to his breathing and at times he sounded really easy. Though we got to a K to go and he went through a bad patch and I hit it hard.
Disappointed with 16:48 but that was still good enough to give me 1st ranking in Australia age grading for the day (33,195 runners!!!)
During the week I'd had a flu vaccination and think that along with the mileage had an affect. Last time I ran a parkrun following flu jab 26th April 2015 I ran about 27secs below par see herehttp://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/sunday-run-callahan-road-24km-14441.html.
Keith Bateman holds the Australian M55 Cat parkrun record at 16:27 so I need to have a proper go at that before I get too old too slow or injured. Did I really run 15:48 at Sandgate in 2014? Seems long gone, out of sight, today - a full minute slower!
My blog has now logged up 300,000 hits since it's inception! Not bad considering the drivel I write about myself ๐Ÿ—ฃ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿšฝ
Looking cold and wet!

I managed to catch Craig. Yes I'm going bald ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ‘จ. Wet wooden pier.

High arms indicative of me uneasy feeling!
Top age grading in Australia 33,195 runners!!!

14 April 2017

BRRC Half Mara Championship 75:22 2nd

Busy at work and no time to update my blog! Two weeks ago I ran QMA 5000m Champs at QEII finishing 2nd to Clay in 16:48.
It was a tough performance but really just going through the motions as I have done no track work this year but plenty of mileage.
BRRC at West End last week was much more agreeable conditions. Less hot and less humid, but that is all relative as Brisbane is always high humidity.
6:00am start time, course 1 loop of 1.1k plus 4 x 5km "loops". Actually it's a straight line out 2.5km, with a 180 o turnaround, back 2.5km and 180 o turnaround.
Ten x 180 o, two inclines on each lap = 10 inclines to negotiate. So not the quickest of courses but I like breaking the distance down into the 2.5/5km tranches and you get to see how everyone else is going.
Clay and I went hammering off into the first two KMS at sub 3:20's pace. I felt my ๐Ÿ’“ rate going really high and I knew there was no way of sustaining that pace so I pulled back a little as Clay headed away. I was still within reach at 6km but he inexorably  pulled away after that. I concentrated on maintaining​ speed, trying to relax and spurting following each turnaround.
17:04 for the first 5km and through 10km in 34:36, so slowed down somewhat in the second half.
I was happy with 75:22, it bettered a Ron Peters Club Champ age record and also his M50 mark and those for M45 and M40.
Clay set a new M35 record with his 73:56.6.
Ron's Australian M55 record is a daunting 72:19. He ran it at the Gold Coast about 8 years ago. It now looks beyond me!
I don't know where I'm going to find 3minutes from. I'm​ half minded to give up the Half and try for his Australian M55 Marathon record at 2:37. It would be a debut Marathon which might help because I won't know the psychological as well as the physiological pain that I would experience.
The plan is to try the half at GC this year and the Marathon at GC next year.

22 March 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:35 1st

As ever I treat parkrun as a session. Saturday morning was typically hot and humid as 400 of us lined up for the trip North to Shorncliffe Pier and back. I went out hard 3:09 first K before settling back into 3:22's. At the pier end 180 O turn I could see I was about 30 seconds clear.
Running back through the hordes can be dicey as the incoming runners spread across the width of the pathway.
I held it quite consistently and was happy enough with 16:35 which is pretty much what I did on the other two occasions I have pushed Sandgate parkrun in recent months.
Training mileage continues to max up to 135km per week. Rain all last week and all this week! Adds to the humidity. I have my bro visiting from NZ this week so lots of beer so the high mileage is just as well.
On Friday last week I fell over trying on a pair of trousers ๐Ÿ˜‚ crashed down onto ribs on lhs, immediately feeling a twang. I got through parkrun ok but since Saturday I have been in pain. Feels rather like running with a stitch or stomach cramping. Typical getting injured by nothing to do with running. I should be ok but just taking things steady. Cut the long run and intervals​ this week. Hope to finish track for this Summer with a 5000m at Queensland Masters Champs Saturday week.

07 March 2017

Queensland 10,000m Championships 33;56 3rd

My mini taper consisted of two 10km days on Thursday and Friday, so my weekly total just hit 100km for the week.
Saturday morning was spent at Sandgate parkrun where Mike Trees ran his 100th parkrun.
Its taken him 10 years to get to 100. He has run the quickest time by any M50 with a 15;44 at the original home of parkrun, Bushy Park in West London.
Having undergone an operation to remove the shattered remains of a burst disc from his vertebrae  in November ,he has concentrated on recuperation by swimming up to 35km a week . He has run a maximum of 20km a week mainly doing drill work. Working on form and stride length up a short (50m) hill with core work between reps. A fortnight ago he managed a 22;10 but Saturday he really pulled the proverbial cat out of the bag by running a 18;02 ! It goes without saying conditions were horribly humid
A fabulous recovery that has sparked the possibility of him running at World Masters Games in Auckland in April. He was always going to swim the 5km Open water swim but now he is considering racing the 5000m and 1500m on the track.
The Queensland State open 10000m Championship was an 8;00pm start. Conditions were 28 C and 88% humidity with initially windy conditions calming down as we ran.
I ran the race with the hope of running a sub 34 and getting an Open medal.
The race doubled as the Masters Champs as well. Aidan Hobbs, Patrick Nispel and Matt Macdonald pulled away from me immediately from the gun. I had some company briefly but sickness contributed to Osman Saleh's demise and he dropped out. Unbeknownst to me Matt Macdonald had also dropped out and so I was running in the Bronze position. I really just hung in there for most of the race, trying to find a pace that I was comfortable with, the conditions being what they were. Aidan lapped me with 4 to go but he wasn't absolutely flying past me and as I hit the bell Patrick lapped me and I had to run an 80 second last lap for sub 34 minutes so I knew I'd achieve one goal. At the finish I was told I was 3rd so both goals done. 4th was Wayne Spies who won the overall Marathon at World Masters in Perth (about 2;35) about a minute behind me. Happy to mark down a 33;56 for 2017, it was tough going.
Mike took a heap of photos of me.
Check them out here https://goo.gl/photos/fz3t2q5oUz2x22fx8

27 February 2017

BRRC 15km 54;33

Training this week has seen the mileage maintained at never before levels since the start of December (yes I know I said I would cut back but I'm enjoying it).
127km this week and turned over 1000+ KM, year to date.
Some days I feel better than others.
The main issue areas are the knees (general tendinitis) and also the bridges of both feet have some hot spots in the metatarsal area (the left foot for over 8 months) My thinking is, if it was a stress fracture I wouldn't be able to run pain free at times (it comes and goes).

It was my turn for volunteer duty at Brisbane Road Runners Club this Sunday.
I had to get up at 3;45am to get there for my 5;00am duty! madness but I kind of like the craziness of it.
My role was to take the entry fees from non club members who wished to run. $10 for adults and $4 for Under 18's. I must have taken hundreds $$$ in the rush 15 minutes before registration closes.
A chap with an Australian (Rio) singlet collared me to ask about what we do. I recognized him as Dane Bird-Smith who won a Bronze in the 20KM Walk. I shook his hand and congratulated him, his performance was one of THE highlights at Rio for me. He has been asked to speak at the Clubs AGM so I pointed out Club Matriarch, Betty Menzies as I was way to busy to chat for more than a minute.
They close registration 5 minutes before race start and allow volunteers to run if they want (but no warm up). Knowing this I had got my long (27km) run in on Saturday and determined to Tempo run the 15km Sunday. Lined up behind the first few rows mentally preparing myself not to race off the line. Said hello to one of the legends of Brisbane female distance runners Margo Manning.
Off and running I quickly ascended to the front and tried to hold a strong but steady pace. Another runner,Simon Allison, pushed on and gapped me. I hoped he was only doing 1 lap (5km) or 2 laps (10kms). It turned out to be just the one. 
Dane Bird-Smith had also joined in and looked freakishly comfortable as he 'walked' with the other better runners, holding a conversation!
The conditions were much more amicable  than the appalling humidity we experienced at both my previous outings at BRRC. I felt quite comfortable ticking off 3;30's and 3;35 KM's, I slowed up for the 180 O turns. 
My first 5km lap was 18;14 followed by a 18;22 (36;37 10KM) and finished with a 17;55 for 54:33 1st place. 
My volunteer duties included helping tidy up the Clubhouse following the event so I didn't stop my watch and ran on for another lap cool down for 20km 74;03 (my Garmin read it 20.1km at an average 3;41 KM).

Results are posted here

Forget your Jamaican Bolts or your Sudanese/British Farrah's we have got the Bird man !

The Bird Man's performance at Rio a major highlight

Choose a mug or a plate for your prize

I'll have a mug please. With race director Kerri Hodge and 15km 2nd placer Neil Bath

21 February 2017

Sandgate parkrun 17;43 and Queensland State 5000m 16:37

Mike Trees spent the weekend with us on his way to NZ for business (he will stay with us again on his way back to Tokyo in two weeks time). He had a fairly major back operation a couple of months ago and is very focused on his rehabilitation. Andrew Green has a nickname for Mike, 'Sensei' as in Japanese for teacher or Master. He is a very wise man and spending a long weekend with him is full of learning. He embarrassed me with daily flexibility workouts and his monk like diet. That said, my back has never got to the condition his did and my bloods (when tested) have never been a cause for concern (unlike his). Anyhow he wanted to run his 99th parkrun here in Brissy and we wanted to choose a course that would be least jarring for his back (no hills or slopes) ideally we'd have done a flat grass course but we settled for Sandgate where Mike could jog along side the pathway on some grass for part of the way and it is dead flat with only one tight 180 O turn at the head of the pier and two easier 90 O turns into the pier. He has done almost no running so was relying on his swimming for the endurance. He survived and managed a pain free run in 22;11. He set a world best M50 15;44 at the original Bushy parkrun a few years ago when I ran 15;48 at Sandgate old course.
See his complete parkrun history here
I had entered the State 5000m in the evening and really should have just jogged round with Mike but I cant help myself I went off pretty easy letting Jamie Simmonds charge off to a 3;03 first KM into the distance as I led a small group. I intended to only run as hard as they ran so long as that was relatively easy. As we rounded the the island to run down the pier Jamie was already heading back on the esplanade pathway towards the finish. He couldn't have run down the pier section!
That would have to disqualify him so I was now leading. Conditions as ever really hot and humid but it felt good running easy 3;35's. I decided a wins a win and to ensure I wasn't out-sprinted by the two guys who were running with me to apply pressure at 4KM to gap them, bringing it home with a 3;25km 17;43 and first officially 'over the line' as Jamie disqualified himself.
Conditions in the evening at ANZ QSAC were cooler with a strong wind blowing. I thought the wind would kill everyones chances of fast times but others coped pretty well in heat 1, the A grade faster runners. I was in the B grade race and there was a further C grade race following ours. I warmed up OK and felt pretty good on the start line. However, within a lap I was in trouble!
A sea of lactic hit me and I struggled big time. The whole field ended up coming around me as I hit the back of the field. Sweat was pouring off me, big time.
I contemplated dropping out as I just felt awful but I hung in there and when I saw Hintsa drop out, I wouldn't be classified  last now!
I gradually managed to rope in a few more of the kids and finished in 16;37.6. Actually for a M55 that's not such a bad time but lesson learned dont even tempo the day before let alone near 'race' the morning of a race! Where was Sensei when I dreamed up this unwise master-plan?
In two weeks I really will 'jog' Mikes 100th parkrun at Sandgate the morning of the State 10,000m in the evening!
Check the ages!!
parkrun trying to take it easy, the purple pant lady was about to overtake us (OK she was just out jogging)

With Barry and Jamie. My thanks to Olga and Barry for some of these photos